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Kate Pratt

NSA is the most incredible way to get pain free. I did traditional chiro for 10 years. Then moved on to NSA, and never looked back. Reason I switched is I got to the point where I was in pain all the time ... before treatment, during treatment and after treatment.

It doesn't have to be this way. NSA is the answer. I go on an as-needed basis, and I feel great all the time.

Deb Dorn

I've had NSA for 6 months in Denver, Colorado and it was the best! I am now living in Martinsburg, WV and am unable to find anyone who specializes in this treatment. It is the best! My cervical spine's curve has reshifted back towards it's natural curve. It changed my mood, outlook and I felt more positive, aware and sharp.


I love it. I was going weekly to a regular well-known chiropractor with no actual healing in sight. He was great, but I just wanted to be healed & done with it. Network Spinal Analysis rocks. It healed parts of my body I didn't know were messed up. At almost 50 I move like a kid again. I can turn my body completely to look over my shoulder again. I'm not stiff & I don't hurt. I used to be so stressed I would clench my teeth when I went to sleep, but my jaw is relaxed now. ...I could go on. Make 5 appointment & then see what you think.

Benita Brake

I absolutly Love it. I had never gone to a traditional chiropractor before then I started going to a NSA, the experience was great. I had to move away and started going to a traditional chiropractor...I did not like that as much...I left still hurting and hurting worse sometimes. I would love to have a NSA chirpractor move into my area.

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